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Take some time out of your busy life and give yourself the gift of a healing massage. When you leave you will understand the benefit of regular massage.  We offer:

  • Swedish Massage
  • CBD Massage
  • TMJ dysfunction and Headache Relief
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Prenatal Massage
  • Scalp Massage
  • Advanced Neuromuscular Re-education/ Trigger point therapy
  • Employee education for posture, pain management and health fairs.


TMJ Dysfunction/Headache Therapy: This modality can be performed in its own session as a 30 minute head/neck/shoulder therapy or integrated into a full session of any length. Popping, cracking, pain, loss of motion, headaches, jaw sensitivity, inability to chew hard and chewy foods, grinding and gritting of the teeth, inability to relax, neck pain, shoulder tension. These are all symptoms that can be decreased and potentially healed by the use of this modality. I have over 14 years experience working with TMJ/Headache dysfunction with additional training specifically in this field. I work the outside of the jaw as well as inter-oral trigger point work. This therapy has been known to decrease the frequency if not completely alleviate the symptoms of TMJ and Headaches.

CBD Massage: This modality can be added to any massage and is complementary. CBD from hemp has been found to help with muscle spasm, inflammation and pain and has been known to help reduce skin irritation. It has less than .3% THC and is federally legal. You will not get "high" from massage with Hemp based CBD or Cannabidiol. Our bodies have an endocannabinoid system that works in conjunction with cannabinoids to create homeostasis. CBD has been found to help with mood, internal inflammation and pain if taken internally as well. 




Swedish massage: Swedish massage is considered the "relaxation" massage. This modality is used for circulatory and superficial muscle tightness relief. There is no pressure, but rather effleurage type strokes. This is the massage you will want to fully relax with no deep work, trigger point or connective tissue work.




Deep Tissue: Deep tissue massage focuses on several different muscle groups that may have pain or tightness. This type of massage is spot specific in many cases, but can be performed as a full body massage. This is the type of massage you would like to get if you want some pressure, have specific pain complaints or tightness and have a very active lifestyle.




Neuromuscular Re-Education: This type of massage is also called Trigger point therapy. Some people equate this massage with referral pain relief. I have over 200 additional education hours in this modality making me an ANMT, or Advanced Neuromuscular therapist. This is my specialty. I use this type of massage for TMJ Therapy, headache relief and connective tissue release work. This type of massage has been compared to Rolfing, but is in my opinion less painful and tends to be easier for the clients to work with. This modality is blended in with other types of massage to make the work easier to relax into. Generally integrated with deep tissue and a hint of Swedish. This type of massage works well with sports injury, car accident pain, slip and fall trauma and muscular instabilities such as scoliosis, overuse injury and disc herniations.




Prenatal/ Pregnancy Massage: This type of modality is a wonderful addition to the beauty of being pregnant. And by beauty I mean, swollen feet, achy back and hips, swollen body, discomfort in every way possible. It is hard to grow a person from scratch. They take away all of mom's nutrients, energy and comfort. Your muscles are stretching at an alarming rate while the hormones make not just the muscles but bones softer and more capable of pushing a 9 pound miracle out of the loving mother's body. Did you know that baby grows 1/2 pound a week in the last 6 weeks? That is a huge change in your body in a short time. With the effect of this softening comes sore muscles, hips, swelling in the legs, feet and hands, hands that go numb, headaches and the list goes on. The wonderful thing about prenatal/pregnancy massage is it increases circulation, decreases swelling, decreases pain, increases mom and baby's comfort level, lowers blood pressure, lowers stress on both mom and baby and makes delivery easier.




Hot Stone/ Hot Rock Massage: This type of massage is considered a "SPA" massage. Some people respond very well to heat and can relax fully with this type of massage. The stones are heated to 115 degrees and used over the whole body. There is placement of stones integrated with some massage with the stone along with massage with hands. It is a massage that people like to have when they want a bit deeper work without the deep work. It increases circulation, relaxes the muscles and decreases stress.Please use the add on button to note this service when booking.


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